Friday, September 24, 2010

The Most Scathingly Brilliant Idea!

Do you know this movie? This is a scene from "The Trouble with Angels", and while it's maybe not a "great" movie, I love it, and have for many years. It stars Haley Mills (center, above) as a teen who is sent away to an all-girls boarding school. Along the way, she has lots of crazy adventures with her friend, Rachel (left), and it seems they are always getting into trouble with the Reverend Mother (played beautifully by Rosalind Russell, above right). There are deeper issues covered than most teen adventure movies, and I highly recommend it. Haley's character, Mary Clancey, has lots of "scathingly brilliant ideas"!

So - now for my idea: I have needed storage for my cd's at home for years. I don't want to throw out the jewel cases (even though I hate them), because I often refer to the cover and inside information, especially for the piano recordings. So, then it's either a case that stands on the floor (no space) or hangs on the wall (ditto), or some boxes on a shelf. Ding! I like the idea of open boxes, but most of those available specifically for the job are either ugly or cheap-looking or expensive! I could use decorative baskets, which I would love, but they are not the right size. Then, it hit me! How about using cardboard boxes, and cover them with some nice fabric? Brilliant! But, where to find the boxes? Wait - my workplace has a warehouse FULL of cardboard boxes! I went out back, and my friendly warehouse manager set me up with 4 perfectly-sized boxes, ready to store my cds. Brilliant! Now - just to find the perfect fabric!

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