Friday, September 17, 2010

Who knew?

I just read that September is NaBloPoMo - which is short for National Blog Posting Month. You are supposed to post every day for a month. Well, I'm getting a veeeeeeery late start on the month, but today makes two days in a row! Which is extremely good for me!

My usual excuse for not posting every day, or at least very often (and I have many excuses) is that I can't upload photos at work, which is where I tend to do most of my computer work, including my postings. So. I need to learn better how to upload my photos myself (without my daughter or best techie friend), and also maybe I should be posting at home, at a regular time each day. We'll see about that!

I have been thinking about all of my mentors over the years - all of those women who have guided me along the way, teaching me intentionally, or just simply by their good examples - they're like my oracles. Yesterday, I shared some beautiful advice from my wonderful Aunt Phyllis with a friend. She deserves another posting all of her own (note to self!). She always said, regarding kids and schoolwork, that all of the "other stuff" - like sports, and plays, and music, and friends, and jobs - was just as important, and that it's all a part of growing up. Which is so true! Phyllis is gone now, but her wisdom lives on, and continues to inspire me.

Here is one of my present-day mentors: my awesome SIL (sister-in-law), Jean. This is her latest profile picture, don't you just love it? It really captures her who-cares-live-life-right-now-with-gusto kind of spirit. She is one of the smartest, funniest, craziest, caringest (so what if it's not a word) people that I know. I like to think of her as my sister, and I am happy also that she is my friend. She is awesome!

Once, while visiting our house, my daughter's friend stopped by to visit. Little did he know that he would be encountering Aunt Jean! She started quizzing him about his earring...and the next time he stopped by, he wasn't wearing it! I guess you had to be there, but we still talk and laugh about it, and it was probably almost 10 years ago!

Here's to you, Jean!

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