Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daughterly Love

Here they are, my lovely daughters. They ARE just as lovely as they appear, too - sweet, kind, considerate, and thoughtful. They are also, it seems, rascally!

I am now on Facebook (I am soooo hip!), so I get messages when someone "tags" me in a picture. And, my daughter, Emily (left, above), tagged me in the picture below. She captioned the photo thusly: "This is where my parents will grow old."

It is extra funny, because the name of the camper is "crescendo", a musical term, and we are all musical (especially me, I am a piano teacher). Plus, the real humor here is, I often tease my daughters that someday, they will be living in their house, and Scott and I will be living in a trailer in the backyard. :)

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