Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is family?

I love this picture. It shows my grandma, Myrtle Grife Johnson (left) and her friend, Luella Hendricks. They are young women, probably before they were married, just posing for a picture together - much the same as my daughters do with with friends. And often, these pictures were made up as postcards, so people could share the picture along with a message - sort of like "early facebook", don't you think?
Anyway - I have had lots of time to think lately, as I am recovering from my surgery, about just what IS family. Of course, for me, my family - and my life - is Scott, Emily, and Hannah, first and foremost. We Hudsons do not have any blood family any closer than 400 miles away, and we have been that far for over 30 years. Thankfully, though, we have assembled quite a large group of wonderful, close friends and neighbors, who I think of as family. These angels have sat with my at the hospital, cared for me (nurses and techs), brought me flowers, gifts, cards, meals, and many well wishes, prayed for me, and cared for me at home (mostly this is Scott, but Emily and Hannah have helped out as well). So - I am terribly blessed, and most of all - family is LOVE. Which I already knew, but it never hurts to remind ourself of that from time to time. So - remember to thank those in your family, and tell them you love them. :)

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