Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun stuff - Day off!

No work today - so doing some catching up on my blogging. This is Emily's grown-up stocking (she named it - she still has one to hang up here, but this is for her apartment). I added the IU emblem for her alma mater, Indiana University. Scrappy pieced front, and some fun shell design quilting. You can click on the stocking to see the detail.

I really like how the stocking turned out.
I was supposed to have more pictures, but my camera is not cooperating. Gratuitus puppy shot! She's getting so big! She is now twice the size since we got her, only 5 weeks ago. Wow!


scott said...

What a beautiful dog. Nice stocking, too. I know that it will make Emily very happy next Christmas.


Sue said...

Okay, I'm now following you!! I really loved looking at your Christmas quilt projects. So beautiful. The stocking is gorgeous! And so is Dora...