Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowdaze 2011!

Yes, we really DID get a big snow storm! About 18 inches of snow, LOTS of strong winds (up to 60 mph), even some lightning and thunder. Just about everything was closed today, including both of our places of employment. Good thing, too - it's now 1:30, and we still haven't dug out our cars and driveway.
Here is a big drift on our front porch, looking towards the driveway.
Scott and the pup - she wasn't slowed down by the snow one bit! She lept over the deep snow like a salmon going upstream! Our house is right behind them.

This pic taken from the middle of the street, looking down Maple Ave., at about 7:45 this morning - as are all of these pictures.

Scott and Dora again.

Dora closeup - what a beautie she is!

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