Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Wedding

Ok, first of all, I am sorry for the sad condition of the photos! I have a "new" camera (from my daughter), and I guess I don't know how to use it yet. I took all of these pictures before I realized that I had the flash turned off. What a shame! Also note: blogger has changed the configuration of the pictures (I put them on the left, they are showing up centered), and blogger is also running all of the text together, not separated with each picture. Oh well!

Scott and I traveled to Minnesota last month to attend the wedding reception of my cousin's son, my second cousin, I think! Here is their whole family, with the bride and groom, Megan and Jeremy, in the center. My cousin, Jim, is on the right, his wife, Sheryl, is next the groom. Far left is their other son, Mike, his wife, Char, and their children Jenna and Jaxon. Right front is their daughter, Nicole, and her daughters Ashley and Emma.

Somehow this picture is not totally awful! Michael, Char, Jenna, and Jaxon - beautiful family!

I was fortunate to snap this lovely picture of Megan sharing a moment with her grandmother - what a sweet picture!

How I wish this picture had turned out! This was the first time I met Megan, and she is truly as beautiful inside as outside. It was a lovely wedding, we got to see lots of my family, and we are so glad we went.

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