Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get ready to be inspired!

Jearlyn Steele

No, today's post is not about quilting, it's about music. Awesome, inspiring music! I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion on Saturday evening, and was instantly struck by the following performance: "I Go to the Rock", by Dottie Rambo, performed by Jearlyn Steele, and the Shoe Band. My first thought was, Scott and his quartet need to sing this song! They would really have fun rocking out with it! And our congratation would love it! Or, Scott and Hannah could sing it together during worship next summer, which would be awesome also! Our family are big PHC and Garrison Keillor fans. If you've never listened, give it a try! Check out your local NPR station, or the PHC site, to find station and showtime in your area. In the meantime, enjoy listening to Jearlyn Steele.

Sorry! I tried to include a link to this performance - but I was unsuccessful. This was not on you tube, and maybe that's why I couldn't pick up the link? To listen, type in: Jearlyn Steele I Go to the Rock, and it will take you to NPR's page for the April 2, 2011, performance of Prairie Home Companion. The performance is within "segment 3". Sorry I couldn't include the specific link to this song.

However, I did find this:

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Helen said...

I have been a PHC devotee for years. If I miss it on Saturday night, I can catch it on Sunday on our NPR station, thank goodness. I heard this performance and was really moved by her singing.

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