Friday, April 1, 2011

Recipe for a Challenge Block

Recently, I participated in a block challenge over at 15 Minutes Play. We were to first "make fabric" (way fun, try it sometime!). I started with my bin of scraps in an appetizing mix! (leftover from another project actually!) Stir well.
Then I just started putting stuff together, any old way.

Do you love all of my notes stashed under my clear sewing maching table? I am the QUEEN of making lists!

Then, so things weren't too "orderly", I slashed stuff apart, and then sewed back together. I love this color combo!
Here is the end of "Step 1" - we were to create fabric, and trim to 8" square. Ta - da!

Then, we are to somehow use this fabric to design a quilt block that will measure 12" square.

Let idea cook for a bit.

Here's an idea - cut in half each way, 4 times, ta-da x 2!!! I actually like this fractured block. Not done yet, needs more cooking time.
Then I added triangles of this absolutely gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric. It is an OLDIE (from the 80s I think!), but it is yummy. Delicious, even! I should have stopped here - as I really like this block! But...wanted to add some plaid, and some dots...
...I added the purple plaid (also an old "vintage" fabric from the 80s), and a new (last month!) lime green dotty fabric. Oven timer went off, block is done!

Winners were announced today, not I, but that's ok! It was an honor to be nominated! and I did get a few votes from my fellow quilters. Life is good!

Yield: 1 block. Enjoy! No calories!


Sujata said...

I liked reading about the process. It is fun to start something with no expectation and be happily surprised.
Lime green.. Love that as neutral!

Sue said...

That was absolutely fun to read! And beautiful; no, I like "delicious" better!

True Blue Nana said...

Wow! what a interesting exercise. I guess that is what you would call it. You could do so many interesting things with this idea. Just slash and sew back together.

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