Friday, June 10, 2011

AAQI Quilt Finished!

The mini quilt below (8.5" x 11.5") is entitled "Sunrise", and made for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. This is an online quilt auction, which raises money for Alzheimer's Research. Victoria, over at 15 Minutes Play, encouraged us all to make one to donate, and I was happy to participate.

This shows my husband, Scott, and his mom, Maurine. Although she has Alzheimer's, we are grateful that she still can visit with us, and seems to know us, especially Scott, even though her memory is pretty much gone. She is lucky to be in such a nice care center, where they take such good care of her. The day we dropped by, they had just fixed her hair, and she was dressed so nicely for the day.

The morning sky background is curve-pieced, and the sun (which was in my leftover box) was machine appliqued.

"Sunrise" is dedicated to the staff of Morningside Heights Care Center, in Marshall, Minnesota. They treat all of the residents with round-the-clock love and respect. We are so grateful.

My quilt is not on the website yet, but will be added in the next month or two. If you would like to view the quilts currently on their website, or to learn more about the initiative, go to Thank you!

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Sujata said...


Your quilt is beautiful. The picture of your husband with his mom is priceless. What a wonderful way to honor the staff at the senior care center and help the cause.

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