Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grease is the word

This is my daughter, Hannah, in a recent photo. Her friend, Katie, has a little business taking headshots - doesn't she take nice pictures?

Anyway, Hannah is in a show this summer - she is playing Sandy in "Grease!" at Summer Place Theater in Naperville. We are all very excited to see her open in the show this coming Friday night!

Hannah had some highlights in her hair, and the director told her she had to either go all brown, or all blonde.....

.... and she opted to go ALL blonde! She and I spent over 5 hours at the beauty shop a few weeks ago, and this is the result! (Plus, I got a nice haircut and some pretty highlights myself!) Her friend, Lindsay, was just completing beauty school, so she "did the honors".

I think Hannah looks pretty cute as a blonde "Sandy"...

.... but it seems that just yesterday, she looked like this:

Break a leg at the show, Hannah!!!!!!!!!! We love you!

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