Monday, July 4, 2011

Lobster Rolls!

Ravinia 2011! Scott and I were lucky enough to be invited to see Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion a couple of weeks ago with our good friends, Cindy and Andrew. For those who don't know, Ravinia is a lovely outdoor concert venue, the summer home of the Chicago Symphony. We picnicked beforehand, and then had pavillion seats for the performance.

The guys - Scott and Andrew.
We had a sweet setup - comfy blankets to plop down on, comfy chairs (IU chairs are ours - daughter Emily attended there, and gave us the chairs for Christmas one year), and great portable table to help with glasses and the wine bottle (yum!). The main course for the day was - lobster rolls!

We found lobster rolls at a great local fish market. They packaged all of the parts separately, so we could assemble the sandwiches at the picnic - that way, they didn't get soggy. We were excited to find lobster rolls, as (1) they are DELICIOUS! and (2) our friend, Cindy, is from Massachusettes, and knows her lobster! What is a lobster roll?

Toasted frankfurter roll, lettuce, and lobster salad - lobster, with just a bit of celery and green onion, and just enough mayo to moisten. Heavenly!!! They also gave us slaw to enjoy on the side.

I loved mine, can you tell?

p.s. The show was good, too!

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