Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a NEW'BEE Player!

Isn't the quilt below just lovely??? I spied this picture out in blogland, after the Sisters, Oregon, quilt show (where this pic was taken). NOTE TO SELF: MUST attend this show someday! I LOVE the combination of piecing and applique, in combination with my favorite colors! Plus, the use of grays in the background gives it a fresh look. Sort of a new twist on a traditional idea.

So - an idea was born! I am a member of an online bee block exchange group, the NEW'BEE Players, over at 15 minutes play (see the icon on my side bar). We get to ask for a block from our 11 fellow bee players, and I got to be first! We describe what type block we want, and how to make it, then wait for lovely packages to arrive in the mail. See my post here.

My inspiration quilt: Growing Up, by Wendy Williams. You can see her website here. I asked her permission to use the photo (always the right thing to do), and she graciously agreed.

To make my requested 9-patch block: Using scraps of all one color group (I used oranges), "make fabric" (a la Victoria over at 15 minutes play) to measure around 12" square. See the quilt photo above for color choices: I will be using pinks, fuscias, blues, greens, purples, and oranges. No tomato reds, yellows, blacks, or whites. From the piece of made fabric, cut 5 squares at 3" x 3".

Then, from a different color, cut 4 squares at 3" x 3". This fabric should contrast with the first, and also from the color choices listed above. It may be a print, or something like the batik shown, preferably not a solid.

Arrange the squares to form a 9-patch block. Sew the horizontal rows together, pressing seams to the darker fabric. Sew the 3 rows together, and press to finish.

Finished 9-patch block, ta da! I can't wait to see the blocks that arrive in my mailbox! And I am also looking forward to a year with these bee ladies, making a new block for one of them each month. Fun stuff!

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