Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music as a Mission

Last week, Hannah, Genevieve, and I had the treat of a lifetime. We went to a Chicago Symphony concert FOR FREE, at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. Witnessing this concert, led by the wonderful Ricardo Mutti, as truly a special experience. The CSO is beyond compare, to be sure - but seeing them in the beautiful sanctuary, surrounded by the rapt audience...it was so intimate, so special, so...Mutti even said, this is a holy place. Mutti sees his job as much more than a music maker - he sees it as a mission, and this evening was one small way to bring music to the people who might not otherwise experience it. It was a very special evening.

We were not allowed to take flash photos - this picture was from the review, in the Tribune, which you can read here.

Beyond the wonderful concert, I was never more warmly welcomed in a church in my entire life. The entire evening was something we will never forget.

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