Monday, October 10, 2011

Red, Camo, and Blue

Victoria, over at 15 Minutes Play, invited members to complete a 12" block using camo fabric for part of the block. Victoria had been commissioned to make a quilt from a soldier's old uniforms, and was then making a Quilt of Valor (to be presented to another soldier) from the remaining camo fabric.

She asked us to use Red, Blue, and the camo fabric. She gave me two types of camo, a lighter, more tan print, and a darker, green print. Victoria asked us to also use made fabric for at least part of the block. I made red fabric, dark blue fabric, and light blue fabric, all from my scraps.

I used a paper piecing pattern by Carol Doak, which I found for free online. The pattern is called Cross My Heart Block, and you can find it here.

Finished block - ta da! This took way longer than anticipated! Does that ever happen to you?

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