Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Tour Part 2

Entering our front door, first-time visitors are quite often surprised how much living space our little house has! It was originally a 2-bedroom, 1-bath ranch, but the family room addition on the back of the house (where the tree is) really opens up the main floor, and makes our house great for entertaining. Scott did a great job hanging the garland and lights - we also have it over the large picture window in the living room, and also outside the house as well.
This tiny nativity's pieces (except for the pianos) came from an Advent calendar, many years ago. When Hannah was tiny, she loved arranging the pieces, and one day she had the wise men playing the pianos. So of course we always arrange them that way, ever since! Nice picture of Mags in the background, good old girl.
Little crowd of snowmen on the piano.
Swedish Christmas tree, Christmas quilt, a few angels and a couple stockings. I made the tree many years ago - you can really tell, because all that was available for quilters then was tiny calicoes.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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