Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doppa 2011

Dopp i grytan, or doppa, as my family calls it, is a tradition Swedish Christmas meal. Served at noon on Christmas Eve, this was to be a meal that the women could prepare easily, feed everyone quickly - tradition says you stand while eating - and then get everyone out of there, so they could finish with the Christmas Eve smorgasbord preparations.

Although we have no family here in Illinois, we have invited our friends to join us for years, and they all look forward to it.

Swedish potato sausage, smoked pork sausage, pork roast, beef roast, and in the amber pot it the doppa - the cooking juices, into which we dip slices of bread - hence the title, doppa - which means dipping. I also served a tossed salad, and what Minnesota meal would be complete without jello?
As you can see, we had already eaten when I remembered to take a picture. The meat platters were piled high before this!
The "kids" table: Matt, Hannah (now a brunette again), Emily, Kelly Hires, and Mark Stickney.
More friends: Andrew Johnson, Scott, Lydia, Ian, and John Black, Rebecca Schumacher, and Diane Hires and Bill Crowther. Special friends, all!

For some, this is the best part - pie for dessert! Another tradition is that every family brings a pie to share. We cut them all into skinny pieces, so you can try many varieties. This year, we had pumpkin, peach with blueberries, lemon chess, and coconut cream (the one I made). There was also a selection of cookies, and some whipped cream for topping off the pie. Yum!

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