Monday, December 5, 2011

Lab Dog or Lap Dog?

Hannah snapped a few pics with her phone recently...a little blurry, but maybe you will see how lucky we are to have this sweet doggie living with us!

Dora was half lying in my lap - her other half is on the ottoman (she is way too big to actually share the chair with me, she weighs 67 pounds!), and her head was on my chest. The love of a dog is such a pure thing, there's nothing like it.
Doesn't she have a beautiful profile? We got Dora from Chris at Cricket Hollow Farms. Dora is disarmingly beautiful. At least we think so!

And her face is so expressive. Here we are, sharing a little moment. Sure, I could be getting some work done around the house - but would it be as satisfying as this?

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