Monday, March 26, 2012

My New BFF!

We (Scott and I) have discovered a wonderful new friend in our kitchen -
non-stick foil! Works great for most everything - no messy cleanups - easy to remove sticky desserts from the pan - you can wrap burger patties individually for the freezer and it just peels right off - terrific stuff!
Its place of honor on the kitchen counter. :)
Had to show you - I just had to plant pansies, it's so gorgeous out (we have had multiple days of 80 degrees here in the Chicago suburbs in March, unheard of!)!
And my latest creation just had to "pose" out by the "posies"! I made these two blocks for my NEW'BEE buddy over at 15 Minutes Play. She (Lauren) asked for blocks with an outer space theme, for her two young boys (2 and 4, adorable). The one block has a planet, starring a great (old) hand-dyed scrap; the other block is just made fabric, in the background request of blues and blacks - which Lauren requested. Hope she likes them!

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