Saturday, July 7, 2012

Color Challenge #10 Grape, #11 Bubble Gum Pink, #12 Mint Green

Three more color challenge blocks - inspired by Victoria's challenge over at 15 Minutes Play.
#10 - Grape! This one was easy and fun for me. I love all purples, and have a good assortment. Good mixers with grape were lime green and aqua.
Challenge #11 - Bubble Gum Pink! This one was also fairly easy, as I did a large (bed size) pink quilt fairly recently, so I had tons of pink scraps. I added some orange, and that was about it.
#12 - Mint Green. This one was a toughie! I did own some mint fabric (quite a bit, actually) that was OLD. The reason it was old? Because it is not my favorite, I guess. I added some orange, pink, and lime green. Three more finished!

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