Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Day at Loyola Beach, Ravinia Concert

We've had such a great summer - even though it's been the hottest one on record! So many fun day trips, concerts, plays...and recently, a one-week visit from our #1 daughter, Emily!
My beautiful daughters! Emily (left) and Hannah (right). The whole family spent a lovely day at Loyola Beach, on Lake Michigan in Chicago. Doncha love the Lion King blanket? Once long ago it lived on Hannah's bed, and now it's our "go to" picnic or beach blanket.

Emily moved to Boston a few weeks ago, along with her boyfriend, Matt. They will both be starting graduate school very soon - actually, Emily's first day of classes is tomorrow at Boston University!

It was a treat having her back home for a week - good luck tomorrow, Emily! You'll do great!
Another fun summer outing - Scott and I saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at their summer home, Ravinia.
So fun seeing everyone's picnics - from simple to elaborate, anything goes!
A view from outside the Pavillion - no photos are allowed inside - the concert was great! They played the Grieg Piano Concerto, and The Planets, by Holst. Lovely evening!

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Sujata Shah said...

Your girls are so gorgeous!
Good luck to Emily on her move. Boston is a great city. Kavita keeps talking about wanting to go there too.
looks like you are having a great time with them. Enjoy!
My younger son comes home for few days this week. Can't wait!

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