Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quilt Tour 2012 Part II

Angels with Go-Go Boots, also made in the 90s (do you see a theme here?) - this was started in a miniature quilt class taught by sorry-I-don't-remember-her-name, who lives in another suburb of Chicago. It features a very fun Christmas fabric with some pretty stylin' angels. Lots of paper piecing!
Another rare hand quilted piece by Chris - Amish 4-patch, also probably from the 90s.
Sanibel Island, made after our one and only trip to Florida, in 2000. It was a memorable trip in many ways. It was our only visit to a Disney park, and to Sanibel Island (which I LOVED). Sitting on that quiet beach, with the tropical breezes, and the ocean waves lapping at the beach - now THAT is VACATION!!! It was also the last "spring break" vacation that we took as a family. Our daughters went on tour with their church choir every year during their high school years. I bought these fabrics at a store in Florida.
Grateful, made earlier this year - 2012! It is my "word of the year" - trying to be mindful of the many blessings I enjoy each and every day. Made as a gift for my wonderful husband. :)
Wedding Quilt, made in 1944 for my mom and dad, Leona and Bob Heggestad, by my grandmother, Myrtle Grife Johnson. I love how this is made all of solids - and since my mom hardly ever used it, it is in beautiful condition. I remember crawling under the quilting frame in my grandma's tiny house - sometimes it was the only way to get through the living room! I still have her frame, up in the attic. Mom, Dad, and Grandma have all passed on, but how cool is it that I have this treasure?

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