Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quilt Tour 2012

Lest any of you think that I really don't make quilts - since lately mostly all of my posts have been about other things - here is a tour of what's currently on display at the Hudson house!

So - take it away, Quilt Tour 2012 - Part 1!

(blogger won't usually let me post more than 5 photos per post, and sometimes I have to post first 3, and then 2 - but I digress...)
Erica's Trees - circa 1992? Inspired by the fabulous Erica Carter, and an article I saw in Threads magazine. Many fabrics had to be collected to make this! I first made a "wearable art" jacket in this design, and then followed up with this wall quilt.
I still have the jacket, but with its big shoulder pads, I don't wear it very often. It was even accepted into a wearable art show in Chicago back then. I must show you a picture in a future post.
Alaskan Mystery - from the same era, around 1990-92. I was in a small bee, we met at each other's homes, and usually the host would have something for us to work on that night. This project took several months - it was a mystery quilt project, purchased from a quilter in Alaska (hence the name). We got one clue each time, not knowing what the finished quilt would look like. I really like the finished project - but unfortunately, my puppy ate a couple of holes in this!
Wonky Hearts - maybe from the late 90's? This was a pattern, my only variation was having all four borders different - out of necessity! My stash doesn't usually have big lengths of fabric. I like how they turned out - sometimes out of frugality comes creativity!
Single Wedding Ring - from the mid 90's. This was made for Hannah's twin bed, after she got out of her crib (btw, she is now 21). My inspiration was a quilt I saw in a movie, on Meg Ryan's bed in You've Got Mail. Not sure if it was this block, but it was a similar setting. My bee friends helped make blocks for this one, and I sent it out for quilting.
Although I don't usually hand quilt my quilts, I must admit I love how it looks! This is Pansies, from the mid 90's.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour - stay tuned for Part II!

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