Saturday, November 3, 2012

Autumn in DG

Wow, too long since my last post!!! My excuse?  I am in a new position at my "day job", and I am busy non-stop from 7 to 3.  Then I come home and teach piano from 330 - 6, make and eat dinner, and pretty much collapse after that.  

But I am trying to improve! Need more exercise, and more sewing!  Started going to the gym today, and also did some sewing this week! First time in WEEKS.  Both good things!

 Halloween was Dora's birthday! Little Cricket's Luna's Dove Dora is now 2 years old - happy birthday sweet girl!
 We had a gorgeous day here about two weeks ago - sunny and warm - couldn't resist taking glamour shots of the pups.  Dora posing nicely!
 Even Cohen posed for me - very unusual for him!  But I had a treat in my pocket! Isn't the burning bush glorious!
Scott and I took a wonderful five-day trip to Boston in October.  We got to see lots of the sights - but the main reason for the trip was to visit our daughter, Emily (and her boyfriend, Matt).  Here we are in her school, Boston University.  Do I look just a little proud? :)

We had a great vacation - more on that later - as I intend to be a more faithful blogger!

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Judy said...

What great photos! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. It's tough to balance everything, isn't it? And it seems like the time just flies by....

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