Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back in the (Quilting) Saddle

Isn't it funny - how playing with little scraps of fabric can make you so happy?
I have been on vacation for the past week...I usually work TWO jobs, so being off from both of them has been...delicious!
And all of the uninterrupted sewing time has allowed me the chance to get going on a long-neglected project. 

This past summer, I made 16 Color Study blocks over at 15 Minutes Fun.  Each 12" block was a different color, many of them  considered by some to be "uglies", or at least, difficult to work with - like mauve, ochre, or bubblegum pink.
I have been trying to think of a suitable setting---did I want to use sashing? Set it straight, or on point?
Then I decided to use 4 blocks, edge to edge, as a center medallion on point, surrounded by the remaining 12 blocks.
I started by adding a scrappy HST (half square triangle) border.

Here is the quilt so far - I went to the fabric store today, to get some inspiration (and fabric) to use in the open triangles, and the open corner blocks.
Let's see if I can name all of the color studies:  center medallion, top and clockwise:   grass green, grape, ochre, and dusty blue.  The surrounding blocks, starting top left, and clockwise:  mint green, burgundy, bubblegum pink, avocado, bright orange, aqua, rust, lemon yellow, mauve, tomato red, peach, and - my favorite color - lime green.
More later!

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beth said...

What a beauty! Were you able to find what you wanted at the fabric shop? I always have a hard time when I'm looking for a specific project! It's EASY to find fabric when the project has not been started! LOL!

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