Sunday, December 2, 2012

It must be December - it's concert time! Performances #1,2,3

Our family has always had a concert-filled December - and this year is no exception!  Between performing and attending, we are on the go most of the month!

This weekend? 3 performances in 2 days!  

#1 - Saturday night, we attended Acapellago's holiday concert - our good friend, Andrew Johnson, is a member of this acapella group.  

#2 - This morning, Scott performed (and I attended) at church.  Our adult church choir performed their Christmas program, which also featured some drama by the children and family ministries.  The entire program was so enjoyable - and featured a classmate of Emily's - Justin Adair, who sings like an angel.

#3 - This afternoon, we attended Messaiah and More, by the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.
Above is Hannah's friend, Katie, who played viola in the orchestra.  The concert featured wonderful soloists, and many enjoyable selections besides the Messaiah.  It was excellent!

Whew! 3 down, I wonder how many before the month is over?

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