Sunday, September 16, 2012

34 Years Ago Today...

Yes - 34 happy years!

Here we are at our reception, in the American Legion Hall in Delano, Minnesota - my home town.
A local woman prepared all of the food for under $100 - can you stand it? And get a load of the size of that cake! I think my mom had leftover cake in her freezer for a year!
We celebrated our anniversary last night, first with dinner at Tre Kronor in Chicago - my favorite place! It's one of those neighborhood gems - delicious, Swedish-heritage food, but with an updated, gourmet touch. Here I am, feasting on duck confit with lingonberry sauce, wild rice pilaf, and seasonal veggies. Yum!
Scott had no trouble ordering his dinner, after hearing one of the daily specials - rib-eye steak with danish blue cheese, scalloped potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. He was in heaven!
Had to get a shot with the mural in the background - it is the cutest place ever! I feel so nostalgic there, like I'm in one of my mom's aunt's kitchens - warm and cozy, and oh, such delicious aromas! And, Scott said the coffee was wonderful! (Swedes love their coffee!)
After dinner, we went to a most special show - The Mighty Ted, written by and starring our friend, Ted Waltmire. It is a musical comedy, that looks at the last three years of Ted's life - after he suffered a stroke. Ted is an amazing person, and the show was hilarious, beautifully performed by Ted and an excellent cast, and brought everyone in the room to tears a time or too. What an inspiration!

Well, we may not look quite the same - but we're still side by side, 34 years later. Happy Anniversary, Scott!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Further Adventures of Cohie the Circus Dog

Our doggies are so fun - I caught Cohen (beagle) doing his Circus Dog routine with Dora (lab) - hilarious! Despite what this might look like - Cohen just enjoys dancing around on his hind legs until he gets Dora to fall down, and then they wrestle. And obviously, they were not very interested in last week's political convention.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

H & M Bees

This wall quilt was made for our neighbors, Miki and Howard, who keep bees. Not sure if you can see, there are a couple bees among the flowers. Miki just sent me this photo, which is the only photo I have of it! And don't you love the cute hanger they found for it?

Best Day Ever!

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