Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Quilt Along

Once again, Melody over at fibermania is hosting a February quilt along - called Quilt Along With Melody, or QUAM.  She picks a new project for us to do each February, and since it's just for one month, it's kind of nice - the project has an end date! Of course you don't have to complete an entire quilt, you can just try out a new technique or patter with a block or small quilt top.  

I credit Melody with helping me to get my quilting mojo back during QAWM in February, 2010.  Thanks, Mel!
This year's project is one of the current fave's of blogland, Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks.  I thought this was a perfect project to use my my many plaid scraps (from my previous project), and also incorporating other print scraps, old and new.

After cutting a bunch of strips, I went searching for something to arrange them on - I thought that Emily had a laundry rack in the attic - couldn't find it, but I did find an unused quilt rack! Perfect! 
I've finished three blocks so far - they go together easily, and are fun to do when I get a few spare minutes.  Wonder how many I will complete in the next week or so?

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Sujata Shah said...

That's a fun quilt to work on. Happy travels around the world!

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