Thursday, July 18, 2013

You CAN Go Home Again

Yay! The Minneapolis skyline! Minneapolis is a beautiful city, full of beautiful city.  We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend there earlier this month. While there, we attended a small, informal class reunion in my hometown of Delano.

This is my friend, Vicki.  We were high school classmates, and while we were not really close friends, we met again on facebook, and planned an impromptu class reunion.  How could two such young-looking friends be having their 40th class reunion???

Another good friend, Bob.  Our last names both started with "H", and we had our lockers together for all 4 years in high school.  We were also both in band, took lots of the same classes, and I recruited him to be Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music.  One of my proudest achievements!

Here I am with Stephanie, who I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with! She is as beautiful inside as out.  It just makes me sad, because we live so far from these great people. It would be so great to get together with them more often.

I pretty much knew who would be at the reunion, from the responses on our facebook page.  It was a complete surprise to see Rob walk into the room!  He is a pilot for American, and lives in Miami.  It was pure chance that he was in Delano that day, and that he also ran into Bob, who told him about the event.  Rob was a very good friend in school - it was really a highlight to get to see Rob.

Main Street, Delano - looks like a scene from an old movie or something, so cute and quaint.  The Crow River runs right through town, just to the left in this  picture.

Couldn't have a visit to Delano without checking out the old family homestead.  Nice to see it well cared for, a nice garden in the back, and the owner has a little day care business.  

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Brenda said...

Hey Chris, next time you're in Minnesota, come up to Winnipeg to visit me!

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