Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before and After

We have had a great summer for all the gardens in town! Just the right balance of rain and hot weather.  Driving around our pretty town is even prettier this summer - seems especially the roses and hydrangeas are just LOVING this weather! 
What else loves hot summers with a good amount of rain?

You got it - weeds!  This is one of my backyard beds that has been woefully neglected this summer! (sorry, neighbors!)  I finally attacked it yesterday afternoon.  Yeah, see those 3-4 foot tall bushy plants right in the back middle?  WEEDS!!!!  This is the before picture . . . 

. . . and this is the after!  Still not perfect, to be sure, but I filled TWO big trash cans full of weeds!!! Now you can the the plants that I and my neighbor INTEND to be there!  Her vegetable garden is behind the lattice fence on the left side, and her raspberry bushes are on my side of the fence (the property line was "weed central").  While I was doing this, Scott was on the tall ladder on what he calls the "scary side" of the house, cleaning the gutters.
We celebrated finishing out work day with some excellent steak nachos from our favorite place, along with some margaritas, out on our patio.  Lovely!

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