Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quit progress and Boston prayer flags

Progress on my star quilt! I remade my first 4 stars, using this gorgeous chartreuse floral for the center background. I love it now, and am inspired to really work on it as much as I can.

Full view of this gorgeous fabric! 

Detail - another great Kaffe fabric. (sorry blogger flipped this picture on me)

Remaining pieces cut out and ready for completion. I'm sewing in the guest room, as we have house guests near my sewing room right now.

Did you hear about the Boston prayer flags, sent to the people of Boston last year (after the marathon bombing) by quilters worldwide? They have re-nstalled the flags in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, commemorating the one year anniversary of the bombing.
There is also a Pilgrim Roy quilt exhibit just opening at the same museum, which I will be able to see on our trip up there next month.

I brought my pansies inside for a couple days of (more) cold weather.  But spring is coming, should be 70 degrees on Easter Sunday.


Brenda said...

Lucky you to see the exhibit. Look for my flag in Boston -- it has 3 red string pieced hearts one side, and one large one on the other side.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love the mix of fabrics you are using for your stars!! They're looking wonderful! It must be quite moving to see the Boston flags hanging. It's great they have them on show again.

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