Saturday, July 12, 2014

East Coast Trip - part two

Lucky me! I got to finally meet - face to face - my friend, Sujata of The Root Connection ! We became friends in blogland - where we had shared stories about family and quilting - and we were able to stop for a visit on our East Coast trip.  She showed us many of her quilts, which were even more beautiful in person!  This was truly a highlight of our trip! Thank you Sujata for your warm welcome - looking forward to more visits in the future, we hope!
Sujata and her beautiful quilt, Kavita's Garden. 

4th of July at the Fairfax, VA, parade!  My family has a long history of 4th of July parades - growing up, our town's parade went right past our house, so every year was a big family reunion-parade-potluck dinner-carnival-fireworks day! As a result, it's not "the 4th" without a parade, and family and friends.  This is my brother and sister-in-law, Chuck and Jean.

Military honor guard.  

Another big highlight - meeting our newest family member, Hudson!  My daughter, Hannah, looks pretty happy, doesn't she? Such a sweet boy - and named for us, what an honor!

I can't stop looking at this picture - I just LOVED holding him and talking to him, I could have done it all day. We were talking about how he wants to take piano lessons some day.  :)

Another favorite photo - Scott and my nephew, Nathan (Hudson's daddy).  It just kind of tells a story, doesn't it?  Just a great family day, lots of fun, lots of great stories told and shared.  Just wish we could see these great people more often!

Next day - sightseeing day! Hannah and her bf Danny, who had never visited D.C. before.  So - we did a big walking tour of the monuments, starting with the Washington Monument.

Scott, Danny, Hannah, and nephew, Evan, at the Jefferson Memorial.  Great family day!

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Sujata Shah said...

I really had a great time having you at my house! Looks like your fun continued on. You have so many fun memories to look back to. Hannah and Danny look adorable!
Hudson - oh goodness ! He is adorable! I can imagine how you felt. Every little move they make is special. It just melts your heart!

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