Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cedarburg Wine Festival - Giant Pumpkins and more!

Fun day trip to Cedarburg, Wisconsin yesterday for their Wine and Harvest Festival! Cedarburg is a charming town, just north of Milwaukee (and about 2 hours north of here), full of really old, beautiful homes and fun shops and restaurants.  The town grew up on a creek, so a lot of the history of the town centered around that.  As you can see, giant pumpkin growing is a competitive sport there! 

There was no shortage of artists displaying (and selling) their awesome work.  I was drawn to this artist's yard art, made of recycled materials.  I always love birds, and didn't notice right away the subject matter of these two birds (sorry it's not a better picture):  the engagement. It was awesome!

Scott and I stopped for some refreshments at Silver Creek Brewing Company, with the creek running right through their entryway (below).  They had a lovely patio out back where we just sat and enjoyed the beautiful fall day. 

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