Friday, October 17, 2014

Back in the saddle!

I am back in the hand quilting saddle, and loving it! I was inspired by Sujata over at the Root Connection (she has a new book!), and also by Tim Latimer (see his blog here. So far I have completed hand quilting a set of coasters, and a small pillow top. 

This is an OLD project, called a bulls-eye quilt, I think. You can judge the age by all of those plaids and stripes that were popular many moons ago.  I do love this quilt, even though it is somewhat dated.  But something Sujata said - about how all of your quilts, made over the years, are all a part of you...I really love that, and it is so true.  I was looking for another hand quilting project, and was going to make some kind of new, small project - in my spare time...but then I remembered this quilt top.   Sometimes what you are looking for is right in your own backyard, right Dorothy? (Wizard of Oz reference)
I am quilting in a hoop, with very few pins for basting, as Tim does.  I am using a wool batt, perle cotton #8, and a Big Stitch needle.

Another Tim was keeping me company while I quilted - Tim Gunn from Project Runway.  Anyone else out there a fan?

One block finished in less than an evening! I am loving this!


beth said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Sujata Shah said...

Chri!!! You have no idea how great it makes me feel to see this quilt!!! I have made the very same quilt.. Way back in 2001 when we were doing a remodel in our house in Seattle. I call it a construction quilt. I have some of these fabrics.. Oh your quilt looks so bold and beautifully masculine and warm and cozy!
I love, love, love the plaids, big stitch and Tim's quilting. Other Tim is my favorite pass time too.
Thank you for thinking of me.. Much to write, sending you an email later.

Chris said...

Thanks Beth - it's been fun stitching on this, bringing back memories. Have a great day!

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