Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Tradition - St. Lucia Day

As is our tradition, Scott and I headed up to the northwest side of Chicago to Tre Kronor.  It's a charming little restaurant, Swedish but with a gourmet twist, kitschy decor but the best food! We went on St. Lucia Day, Dec. 13, for an early breakfast - got there at 6:15 a.m.! Quite early, plus it took us 45 minutes to get do the math.  Crazy? Not at all - totally worth it.

Tre Kronor is all decorated for the season, and the small room was illumined with only the Christmas tree, and candles on the tables.  It was magical.

Did I mention, they have the best food?

And a highlight is when several girls, with long white gowns, and one with a crown of candles, sing Christmas carols in Swedish. Pass the Kleenex! So nostalgic!

Such a treat to see all of the happy, expectant faces around the room - families sharing this wonderful tradition with each other.  It was a special day!
Merry Christmas to all!  God Jul!

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