Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Clematis Garden Tour and One Alien

Oh no, another long gap with no blog post....time to play a little catch up, I guess!  I could play the "I've been busy" card, but I'd be preaching to the choir...who's NOT busy these days?  
So - no excuses, just get on with it - and try to post more frequently.

 Clematis #1, in my back yard near the patio.  Truthfully, our yard doesn't really have any 100% sunny areas, so I have to be creative with my gardening.  This clematis was just planted last year, so this is its first flowering.  I think they look like pink stars.
This used to be my favorite clematis - the classic deep purple variety that my mom used to grow - but it is just tiny and frail this year.  It seems to be having an "off" year, like so many sports teams.  But the sweet yellow (the leaves are yellow) iris are lovely! They were a gift from our dear neighbors, Peg and Jim, in memory of our first yellow lab, Maggie.  The iris variety is sweet and yellow, just like old Mags was. :)

Easily my most robust clematis plant, this one can be cut back and it still burst forth with vigorous growth.  This one has deep purple flowers, but it blooms later in the summer.  

And how about this stunner? First summer blooming for this beauty, too - a nice, pale lavender, adding some interest to my back fence.  I have to cross the back yard to see it, but those cutting through our alley (and many  neighbors to so) get to enjoy it daily.

We have quite a few alium or, as Scott likes to call them, "aliens", out front.  I am old enough to think of Sputnik when I see these 4-foot tall lovelies.  

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Sujata Shah said...

I love your clematis. I used to have many in Seattle, now I am down to one.. I am not sure it survived this winter.
Great to see you blogging again.

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