Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grandma's Trousseau

I had some fun today, looking at my Grandma Johnson's wedding trousseau - which I am lucky enough to have. I've looked at these pieces before, but with my oldest daughter getting married in September, and another daughter newly engaged - these clothes carry special meaning.   

Here it is - her wedding dress.  Myrtle Grife married Richard Johnson on November 26, 1916, in Watertown, Minnesota. Wow - almost 100 years ago!

Lace detail at the neckline.  The pearl edging, as well as many other details, was all applied by hand. This lovely was handmade.

Cuff detail on the dress - satin ribbon hold the pleats in place. 

And this long gown, with embroidered trim? I think this is a nightgown.

Neckline detail on the nightgown.

Elegant underpinnings! Cotton petticoat, with eyelet and ribbon trim, and silk camisole.

This is a hand-crocheted man's necktie - and that it my grandparents' wedding picture in the background...and I do believe my grandfather is wearing the tie.

Here is the dress, complete with the satin cummerbund.
Grandma was a beautiful bride!


Brenda said...

Lovely, and still in decent condition! did any other bride wear the dress after your grandmother?

Barb said...

lovely~ what a treasure!

iwan wan said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and quilts! I'm in awe, everything looks so pretty. Hope it was a good day. Hugs,
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