Monday, June 1, 2015

The Marry Marry Month of May

So - June is supposed to be the big month for wedding, but we had two to attend in May! Both were special (aren't they all?), and lots of fun.  But it did add to our extremely busy month of May!
1. Casey & Beto's wedding (see below)
2. Evan & Natasha's wedding in Virginia
3. Memorial service in Minnesota for Scott's mom
4. Had our hardwood floors redone in 4 rooms, had to remove EVERYTHING from those rooms, to somewhere else in our very small house.  Lived in the basement bedroom for the duration. 
5. Our doggie got sick while we were in Virginia at wedding #2. 

Bridal shower for Casey - pretty blonde girl on the couch next to her blonde mom, Cindy.  Many years ago, when I had my first baby, I stayed home and did day care to help with the bills.  Casey was one of my charges - so she is very special to me.  I also had her as a piano student for many years.
Casey is a brilliant girl, and a good person.  After graduating from DePaul University, she served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.  After that, she vacationed in Central and South America before returning to the states.  While in Panama, she met her love - Beto (Roberto). 

Casey coming down the aisle with her dad, Scott.  I love this picture.  Casey absolutely looked like a princess.

The happy couple!  The wedding was at a lovely restaurant and museum near here.  The rain moved the ceremony indoors, but they had a nice room in the museum and it was just such a sweet wedding - performed by her grandfather, and her uncle - both clergy.  Congratulations, Casey and Beto!

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