Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hannah's Cute House Styling

My daughter, Hannah, has developed into an amazing interior decorator.  She and her bf Danny are renting an adorable 100-year-old farmhouse, and she has done a great job making it into a warm and attractive home. 
She finds great pieces here and there at flea markets and antique stores.

I love how she puts things together into artful arrangements.

She's also not afraid to try making things - how cute is this bathroom accessory? A piece of old wood (from a pallet, I think), some metal clamps, and canning jars = cute storage!

Nice beverage station!

She found this old window at a flea market, for only $5! It pays to stay at the sale until the end of the day, when prices are slashed.  Their landlord offered the use of this nice dining table and vintage chairs - instant dining set!

Another find at the flea market - the vintage shutters were also $5 each, and the comfy couch, by a famous quality maker was a great find on craigslist.

I think this coffee table is her greatest project to date.  The table (another craiglist find) is nice and sturdy, with nice storage, but it had that orange-y oak finish all over it.  Totally not her style.  So, she sanded it all down, and stripped the top.  She added a nice gray stain to the top, and white chalk paint to the bottom.  A quick sealer to all, and she had a stylish centerpiece to her living room.  Nice job, Hannah!


little-g said...

The cutest! The house looks amazing! Hannah is super talented.

Barb said...

looks great! Love her little bar cart!

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