Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! I remember the first Earth Day, back in the 70s - I think I was in the 9th grade, full of hope and optimism.  Funny, that's still me!  One week of warm weather, and my tulips are groovin'!

Some more of the purple tulips are out - along with the dandelions, of course! Looks like I need to get a new clematis - it's usually climbing up the mesh around my gaslight.  I trimmed it back last fall, but I don't see it coming back this spring.

Our flowing crab is starting to burst forth as well!  We keep babying this tree, trimming it and keeping it going.  I had a tree guy want to take this tree out, maybe ten years ago! I just love it, and it adds a nice softness, and old-fashioned charm, to the front corner of our cute little house.  When this tree is in full bloom, it is spectacular! But then one big rain, or wind, and poof! It's over.  Garrison Keillor once spoke of the tremulous beauty of spring - I think that's what he meant:  lovely, sweet, but fragile.

I saw this beautiful sunrise as I was pulling into my office's parking garage this Earth Day morning.  It was even more beautiful as I backed out of my driveway, with the luminescence surrounding the sun, but I didn't stop to grab a picture.

And there is the moon, so creamy and white, low in the western sky.  What a lovely way to start my morning!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here, time to get back to blogging!  We have been really busy around here, getting ready for a garage sale among other things.  The house is a mess - I can't wait for the sale to be over in two weeks! 
This weekend was absolutely glorious weather! Two solid days of high 70 degree temps, and poof! The garden flowers are popping out!
I have just a few hyacinths, nestled in with one of my favorite hydrangeas - which is budding out nicely.  The pink flamingoes, Emily and Hannah, keep watch.  

My favorite giant, lime green and gold hostas are spiraling out of the ground. 

These aliums have gone from tiny spouts to foot-tall plants in about a week! And if you look in the center, near the bottom, there is a bud! These are the giant aliums - my husband had renamed them "aliens" - are about 3 feet tall when blooming, with giant purple blossoms.

Tulips!  Scott and I both LOVE tulips, and are so excited when they start blooming.  I love these purple ones, alongside the sweet yellow iris, and my deep purple clematis (out of the picture to the right, climbing up my gaslight).
Back to garage sale sorting and pricing!

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