Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pin Basting 101

I am excited about finishing my current project, but don't want to actually show the piece until it is finished.  I love every step of quilting, and machine quilting is one of my favorites.  Today, I pin basted my project, so it is ready to go!

First, I trimmed and press my top, and set it aside.  I pieced my backing fabric, pressed well, and set it aside.  I can't show you that either, but suffice it to say, I found the PERFECT backing fabric! I also pieced my batting.  I butt the edges, and sew together with the multiple zigzag stitch.  Then I layered the project - backing face down, taped securely to my table; batting, smoothing it out nicely; and then the quilt top, also smoothing it carefully.  Then I start putting in the safety pins, starting in the center and working out from there.  

Detail, showing the pieced batting.  This is a poly/cotton blend, 80/20, my favorite batting. 

My tip:  I insert ALL of the pins BEFORE I close any of them.  Why? Well, when you close the pin, you distort your carefully layered project.  That is why I wait.  When all the pins are inserted, then I can sit down and close all of the pins. 

I found this tool years ago, and it works great.  Helps me to close the pins without hurting my fingers.  Another tip:  when you remove the pins while quilting, throw them back into your storage container while still open! Then you don't have to open them later.  Saves lots of time.

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