Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Happy Easter! 
We have had nice weather this past week, which has caused the garden to spring up almost in front of your eyes - like a Disney movie!  Ploop, ploop, ploop - voila, it's spring!

Dora, not so patiently waiting for Scott to throw the ball!

Little Buddy, not thrilled with wearing bunny ears!
Our apple tree starting to pop, our neighbor's redbud trees getting ready to burst, brilliant hostas...spring has sprung!  We were wearing winter coats in the past week!

Happy little violas, about the only bedding plants that are hardy enough for this time of year.  How cute are they!

More violas in my hanging basket (photo bomber is Scott).  So glad we finished our massive mulching/weeding project yesterday (when this was taken).  We had a big rain during the night, and everything is so pretty today.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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Barb said...

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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