Friday, April 23, 2010

QUAM Part 2 (really part 1)

This shows the pull of fabrics from my stash for the QUAM project (Quilt Along With Melody). I chose fabrics to (hopefully) appeal to my daughter, Emily, and to blend with the decor in her new apartment. I eventually eliminated the black and purple prints.
This shows the 12 original blocks which I made for the quilt. It was an easy design, and leant itself well to working from a stash. Depending on the fabrics chosen, the blocks could have been sewn together just like this, and call it a day. But Melody's pattern called for us to cut these blocks each into four pieces, and then rearrange the units.

Here is my first arrangement. I decided, when I saw this, that there was too much of the coral color for my taste. I removed some of them, and rearranged again.

Then, I decided it needed sashing. I don't have big pieces of fabric in my stash, so I didn't have many choices for sashing. I actually cut and sewed the entire top together to pretty much resemble this arrangement, and then I decided that the sashing was too wide. I took it apart and trimmed the sashing to a scant reveal of 1/4". Me likey.

Here is the finished top. I ended up binding it in a darkish multicolor batik, with a skinny light folded piece in between the top and the binding, one of my favorite finishes. You can see the finished quilt on my April 22 posting. I did a simple quilting design of curving lines. And best of all, my daughter likes it!

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