Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life is Good

What an understatement! As you may know, I am recovering from surgery, which ain't easy - but it is a hundred times easier because of my husband, Scott. I knew, when I married him, that he was kind and thoughtful and loving. But, I had no idea how he would be in a crisis - and all I can say it, I picked a good one. Right now, he is outside, getting me the newspaper, after already fixing my breakfast and doing the dishes, and walking me around the house, and, before all of that, emptying my Foley catheter (true love indeed). All of that before 7 a.m., before he took a shower or had his own breakfast. Romantic love is wonderful, to be sure, but it encompasses more than candlelight dinners and walks on the beach (does anybody actually do that?). You need to pick somebody you will stand by you in the good times or the bad - and I picked the best person for me. Thanks honey!

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