Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Perm

This story is funny, but it's more than that. Years ago, before we were married - it was the summer of 1976, to be accurate - I decided that I would like a body perm. I used to get them in high school, when I had the long blond hair that was so popular at the time. My hair is stick straight (note - I saw a friend recently, who remarked that she liked how I had styled my hair with flat irons, when in fact I had used mousse, hair spray, blew it dry with a round brush to add height and fullness, and backcombed believe me, my hair is STRAIGHT.). To give my hair body, I used to get body perms from my best friend's mom, in her kitchen. It seemed to simple, so I thought, I'll give myself a perm. How hard could it be?

So, to help with the process, especially since my hair was so long, I asked Scott to help with the rods in the back. We got all set up, in the kitchen of my place, and set to it. After ONE HOUR, Scott had two rods (!) in, and they were both wiggly and croocked, and after several botched attempts at the third rod, he threw it across the room, and said "I quit!" Thus endeth "The time I gave myself a perm." I think I ended up going to my future sister-in-law, who wrapped the perm for me. Thanks Marlys!

The rest of the story is - how many boyfriends would even agree to try such a thing? My wonderful boy Scott, that's who. The wonderful boy who has agreed to lots of my crazy ideas through the years, and who loves me still and all. Thank YOU, Scott, for all you have done for me, and years and years of unconditional love. You're the best.

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