Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy these images - starting with a view from our front yard, looking across the street, about one month ago. Love that fall color!

Here's another stunning shot - taken from my neighbor's driveway, looking through her garden (I can't take credit for those beautiful marigolds, cosmos, and clematis over her gate), into our backyard. That maple in the background is ours, and it gives us a beautiful view from our family room (just to the right).
There was a great Mary Schmich column in the Chicago Tribune this week, on the theme of Thanksgiving. I tried to include a link, but blogger is fighting me right now. Just go to Chicago Tribune, Mary Schmich, November 21. The column is titled "Even the terrible things seem beautiful to me now."
And who could resist these cuties? These are some of the 3-week old girl pups from our litter - we are schedule to pick up OUR puppy in about one month - just in time for Christmas!
Another problem trying to include a link - type in the following into You Tube to get a real day brightener! I actually applauded after watching this one. Enjoy - and Happy Thanksgiving!
Sound of Music - Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)


Margreth said...

What lovely puppies! Thanks for your visit and nice comment at my blogg! If you come to Sweden you are most welcome to visit us.

Exuberant Color said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a great day. My family all get along so well together and we had a good time.

I love your fall photos. We need to remember all of that beautiful color as we go into the 'white' season.

Margreth said...

Christmas is coming and I'm happy to hear that you have a swedish tradition. I guess that you mean "Dopp i grytan"? You dip bread in meat juice from the ham. I have tried it and I like it. I love Christmas, all traditions and most of all to see our children who study far from home.

Anonymous said...

OH those sweet puppies! I want one!!! Hope they get very good homes!

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