Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dots, plaids, and stripes, oh my!

Over on 15 Minutes Play, we were invited to create two blocks, any size, using only dots, plaids, and stripes. Didn't think I had very many of these fabrics. But after some digging, I found some golden oldies, which played nicely with some new purchases! What's old is new again!

After several 15 Minutes of Play, I came up with the following:
Crazy pieced, fun with scraps...

...and a dotty house block! It was a good chance to try to free-piecing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun stuff - Day off!

No work today - so doing some catching up on my blogging. This is Emily's grown-up stocking (she named it - she still has one to hang up here, but this is for her apartment). I added the IU emblem for her alma mater, Indiana University. Scrappy pieced front, and some fun shell design quilting. You can click on the stocking to see the detail.

I really like how the stocking turned out.
I was supposed to have more pictures, but my camera is not cooperating. Gratuitus puppy shot! She's getting so big! She is now twice the size since we got her, only 5 weeks ago. Wow!

Snowdaze 2011!

Yes, we really DID get a big snow storm! About 18 inches of snow, LOTS of strong winds (up to 60 mph), even some lightning and thunder. Just about everything was closed today, including both of our places of employment. Good thing, too - it's now 1:30, and we still haven't dug out our cars and driveway.
Here is a big drift on our front porch, looking towards the driveway.
Scott and the pup - she wasn't slowed down by the snow one bit! She lept over the deep snow like a salmon going upstream! Our house is right behind them.

This pic taken from the middle of the street, looking down Maple Ave., at about 7:45 this morning - as are all of these pictures.

Scott and Dora again.

Dora closeup - what a beautie she is!

Best Day Ever!

What a joyous day! Our sweet daughter, Hannah, and Danny Prindle were married on Saturday, May 26! It truly was the BEST DAY EVER!  H...