Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dog Days

I know this picture is a little out of focus - but it really captures how our dogs are with each other! They do run and play a LOT every day, but when they finally crash, quite often they are found snuggling together, in Cohen's dog bed, or on the floor, like this adorable shot.

You know those Cottonelle ads? with the adorable puppy running through the house, leaving a trail of tissue paper behind it? Well check out our own "model" dog! Dora is really a good dog, so sweet, with such a calm and loving personality - but she is also very good at getting into mischief! We just had to snap a couple of pictures before we cleaned this up.

Posing nicely for the camera. Love the tissue hanging out of her mouth. Even with that, what a pretty face!

This is our older daughter, Emily, holding Dora about a month ago. Doesn't she look happy? (and cute too!)

I was just noticing, this picture shows a lot about me - my daughter, my dog, a quilt in the background, some antiques, the green wall (my favorite color). I'm pretty lucky - Jimmy Stewart isn't the only one with a wonderful life!

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