Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tornado Damage 2011

We had a tornado hit our area last Tuesday (June 21st), but thankfully there were no personal injuries reported, and not many houses were damaged. Most of the damage was to mature trees. The most damage to our house was inside - our dogs like to play UNDER our bed, and somehow they ripped my bedskirt!

Does Dora look guilty?

My poor bedskirt! I have since repaired it - not the type of sewing that I like to spend my time on!

This poor house had not one, not two, but three trees uprooted! They said one of the ways they knew it was a tornado, was by studying the direction the trees were twisted out of the ground and tossed.

I wonder how badly this person's truck was damaged!

This was a huge tree, split in half (nice pic of Hannah in the mirror!).

Typical tornado damage - tops of trees just snapped off, and set down on the ground. I saw several really tall pine trees damaged in this manner.

This house had damage on the edge of its roof, caused by a falling tree. All in all, our area was extremely lucky. The tornado was in our area for exactly two minutes, did all this damage, yet no houses were damaged (except by falling trees), and no lives were lost. Very lucky indeed.

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Leif Clancy said...

Looking at all the pictures made me realize how much it will cost them for the repairs of this damage and how everything can change in just a snap. Good thing there's insurance to help them financially, or if not, there are lots of renovation experts that offers affordable services for victims of such tragedy. Anyway, I hope they already coped up and moved on from this disaster.

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