Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Music

Yesterday was a memorable day, beginning with church in the morning. Scott and Hannah sang an arrangement of "Mary, Did You Know?" that was really fun. It was up-tempo, with a great, syscopated accompaniment (extra fun for me, the pianist!). We spent lots of time rehearsing it, and they both sounded great!

Hannah is still sporting her "Grease" light hair color, doesn't she look cute? Scott's hair color is natural - not bad for 61, eh?

By the way, these great pictures were sent to me by Don Safford, a member of our church who also does so much for our church, including taking lots and lots of pictures. These were taken from the balcony, way at the back of our large sanctuary. Amazing how sharp they are, and the natural light coming in through the windows looks lovely.

Here you get to see all 3 of us together - I am so happy to have these pictures! Making music together is such a joy - and Scott and Hannah's voices have a musical blend that only family members can have. It was just a special morning!

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